Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need For Class?


What you will need for class varies depending on what type of class that you are in.


Preschool Classes:


Age 5-8 Classes:


Age 9-11 Classes:


Teen & Adult Classes:


Class Observation:

We understand that as parents, you are excited to see how your children are doing in class. We do have monitors for all of our studio spaces that are located in our lobby. Instructors may take the last five or ten minutes of the class time to bring the parents & family in to watch what the students have learned.

We do ask however, that you understand our policy on parent observation. When a child has a parent who sits through class, it makes it very difficult to concentrate on lessons for the day or the teacher’s directions. Often times, children will feel pressured to “perform” during a class rather than “learn” if a parent is sitting through class because they are looking for mom or dad’s approval.

It is distracting to the other students and the teacher if parents observing classes are visiting; taking pictures bring in video cameras etc. In addition, parents often times think they are helping with side-line coaching, but in reality, side-line coaching makes teaching more difficult for the instructor and learning more difficult for the student. Especially with beginners and preschoolers, it is important that we gain the student’s attention and trust. Please leave it to us to help change shoes during class, prepare the student for shows and assist the student in learning.

Performances, testing, recitals and parades are a great way for you to track your child’s progress! And again, instructors may ask you to come in the class during the last 5 or 10 minutes of class to observe, we are always just as excited to show you what we are accomplishing as you are to see what we are accomplishing!


Costume and Uniform Information:

You will need one costume for each class you are enrolled in for the recital (Exception: Tap and Ballet for Preschool, ages 5-8 and ages 9-11. The tap and ballet classes will have a 2-in-1 costume for recital that they can wear for both tap and ballet routines.) The classes that do not purchase a costume are: Strength & Flex, Simply Barre and Dance Technique, because they do not perform. Performing Arts Company (PAC) students will order their costumes by November 1. All other students will order spring recital costumes by December 1. Faith & Motion students will need to purchase black jazz pants from the studio boutique, black jazz shoes, black socks and performance top.

We realize this is close to the holiday seasons, so we advise you of this early so that you can plan accordingly. We order recital costumes at this time of year for some very important reasons: Costume companies take orders on a first come basis. If costumes are ordered later in the year, it is very likely that they will not be in on time for pictures and quite possibly recital. In addition, costume companies do not offer custom sizing or alterations, so we need to allow time for students and parents to make alterations. All classes performing in the recital will need to purchase caramel colored tights. Recital costumes typically range in price from get your pharmacy degree online $50 to $80, and the price varies within this range depending on if props such as poms, ribbons, etc. are included and depending on the detail of the costume. Our preschoolers will always have costumes priced on the lower end. Jr. & Sr. Twirling Parade Corps Uniforms are ordered individually by the parents from the Algy Team website. Contact Carrie to get more information about these costumes.

Summer Parade Uniforms: These uniforms change with our parade theme each summer. The costumes typically range in price from $40 to $70. You will receive more information about this costume in the spring.


Parades and Performances:

Parades and performances differ from our showcases. Sterling Silver marches in numerous parades and participates in various shows throughout the year. As these events draw near, they are listed in your newsletters.

The parades we typically participate in annually include Superior’s 4th of July Parade, Iron River Blueberry Festival, Spirit Valley Days Parade, Bayfield Apple Festival, and The Christmas City of the North Parade. Due to dates and scheduling conflicts, these parades may vary slightly from year to year. For all of the parades mentioned above, we wear the parade corps uniforms, except for the Superior Spooktacular Parade and the Christmas City of the North Parade. Please refer to costume information for what to wear in parades.


Christmas City of the North Parade:

Each year Sterling Silver Studio makes every effort to have all students participate in KBJR’s Christmas City of the North Parade in November. Each year KBJR provides all dance studios with new requirements and group limitations for the current year near the end of September or beginning of October. As soon as Sterling Silver Studio is notified of the parade requirements, this information will be distributed, and costuming information will be provided.


Holidazzle Performance Information:

Sterling Silver Studio provides complimentary tickets to each family for the Holidazzle performance. You will not be required to purchase costumes for this performance. You will be informed in your November newsletter when tickets will be available, and what each class will wear for the performance.


Spring Showcase Information:

Our annual Spring Showcase is a huge production. We are very proud to say that over the years, the popularity of our show has grown! Sterling Silver Studio offers multiple Spring Shows. One will be our Mini Show for our preschool-aged students, the Junior Show for our students ages 5 to 8, and the Senior show for students ages 9 through adult.



New Students & Beginners:

Since you are new to our studio, we understand that you may need to try a few different classes before you decide on which one fits you best whether it be baton, hip hop, poms, ballet, etc. Parents, please realize that we begin the recital routines around the end of October. Please discuss the importance of dedication and teamwork with your children. If a child drops out of a team in the spring because they decide that they want to do ballet instead of poms, etc., this does affect the entire team, as we need to re-arrange routines for the show. Although this does not happen often, we want to make sure everyone is aware that it does affect everyone. Please try to be sure that by November, your child is on the appropriate team, and is excited about their class! If you find that you would like to try a different class, or need suggestions, please talk to your teacher. We have years of experience and can offer quality advice and we are 100% confident that Sterling Silver Studio has the right class for you.


What You Need For Recital:

Basically, everything that you need is outlined in “Costume Information” and “What do I Need for Class?” information in your Showcase Handbook. In addition, all performers will need tights! We sell tights in the studio boutique for all classes. Please be aware, that around recital time, tights sell out fast so please do not wait until the last minute! All classes will need the caramel colored tights.


Sterling Silver Studio’s Sr. Parade Corps:

If you have made it to Sr. Parade Corps, you have a lot to be proud of! Sr. Parade Corps is one of our highest twirling teams. When one enters Sr. Corps, students soon realize that they are responsible for their own achievements and although parent involvement is extremely appreciated and needed at this level, students are given a high amount of responsibility which includes reading newsletters, being responsible for classes, rehearsals, performances, parades and being prepared for anything! Students who have reached this level have been working at achieving goals and striving to grow in their art for years. These students are rewarded for their efforts by marching at the front of all of our parades, opening our shows, performing our lighted routines and by receiving numerous performing opportunities.

Please be aware of these rules BEFORE signing up for Sr. Corps:


How Does My Child Advance?

Sterling Silver offers various advancement opportunities for all dancers and twirlers. Parents and students ask us all of the time what they need to do to advance, and our best advice is simple…

Show up to all classes on time, prepared with all materials, be ready to go when your class starts, attend all performances and practice at home. This is the best way to get the most out of class time and your experience with Sterling Silver. In addition, we have other things you can do to help advancement. Some suggestions include private lessons in either twirling or dance with any of our instructors, join classes such as Simply Barre, technique, strength & flexibility classes (this helps both dancers and twirlers), participate in The Ultimate Talent Connection’s Dance and Twirling Competitions, practice at home, and we also offer level advancement testing for our twirlers and dancers. During the summer months we offer level classes where you learn the skills on each level in order to level test.


Twirling and Dance Level Testing

Sterling Silver Studio coaches have worked for years to develop an 11 level testing program that is used to advance our dancers and twirlers. On average, it should take a student one year of twirling or dance classes for each level he or she completes (preschoolers may take longer while older students may learn much faster). Each summer we offer specific dance and twirling level classes to help each student reach their personal goals, and prepare for testing. Private lessons can also be used to learn and practice the skills on each level.

Testing is available various days throughout the year. This is a great way for students and parents to track the student’s advancement and achievements. We also use these levels to determine what classes the student will be in for the year. Students are not required to test, however we strongly recommend this, especially if you want to track your progress, try out for PAC teams, Sr. Corps or Fire Twirling. The testing fee is $15 per level test, and the student will receive a patch for each level that they pass. The patches are a great way to display your achievements on your Sterling Silver Wind Suit Jackets and Sweat Shirts! For additional details on testing, please speak directly with your dance or twirling coach.


Company 91 (CO91) Teams:

Sterling Silver offers competitive teams in Dance Twirl, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Show Teams and Production Numbers. These competitive teams are known as the Performing Arts Company (PAC). If you choose to join a competition team, please make sure you review your competition policies for the season, attend auditions that are held in the summer and attend the required parent & student meetings.


Jump Start (JS) Teams:

The Jump Start program is an innovative program designed for students who are interested in progressive learning in their chosen performing arts discipline without the full commitment of the Company 91 program.

The season runs from September through May. Students who join the Jump Start program are committed to their art and are interested in participating in one local Spring Fling Dance & Twirl Competition in March in Superior, the Spring Student Showcase in April at Wessman Arena, and one out-of-town event at the end of the season.

The purpose of this program is to enhance beyond the beginner level and introduce students to a new performing arts experience.


Sterling Silver Friend Referral Program:

Sterling Silver Studio appreciates your patronage and wishes to thank you for referring your friends to any of our programs. If you refer a friend to Sterling Silver Studio and they register for classes, you will receive $20 in Sterling Silver Studio Star Bucks that can be used for tuition, merchandise or any other specialty products that Sterling Silver provides! (excludes costumes) Make sure you tell your friends to mention YOUR name and so we can give you credit when they register!


What is the Performing Arts Student Scholarship (PASS) Foundation?

The Performing Arts Student Scholarship (PASS) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of volunteers who are parents, grandparents, and family members of students involved with Sterling Silver Studio. The PASS Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of twirling and dancing in the Twin Ports area. The PASS Foundation sponsors many of the events that Sterling Silver Studio members participate in, including, parties, fundraisers, showcases and much more. PASS Foundation members also participate in making decisions that affect all team members such as travel, parades, costumes, competitions, props, recital, parties and more. If you would like to be an involved parent, we encourage you to come and participate or just come and listen in at a meeting! If you would like more information, you may contact the studio for the board members’ contact information.


Still Have Questions?

It is very helpful if parents keep a 3 ring binder for Sterling Silver notes and newsletters. We will have monthly newsletters that your students will take home and you will also receive them via email. You may want to keep notes, newsletters, etc. in the binder. That way, you will always know where to look for notes, and you will always be informed! It is also a good idea to stop in when you drop off or pick up your child from class if you have the opportunity. We usually have one of our helpful staff members working behind the desk to help answer questions that you may have, and there are many flyers and informational sheets posted in the studio. All information that you will need throughout the year will appear in your monthly newsletters. Please make sure that your child brings them home, and that you take the time read them. This will avoid confusion and answer most of your questions.


HELPFUL TIP: Go through your newsletter and highlight any information and dates that pertain to you and your child. Keep your notes & newsletters in a folder or binder for future reference. Throughout the year, as questions arise, please, feel free to call us or send us an email. If you do get our voicemail, please leave a message and we will call you back! You can also contact Carolyn & Carrie directly at

HELPFUL HINT: Add this email address to your contacts list so you will continually receive important emails.