Adult Programs



Class Descriptions



Sterling Silver Studio offers students appropriate technique, history and terminology in ballet classes. Students will be guided through classes that stress proper alignment to prevent injury. Our ballet program offers students the chance to develop their poise, strength, flexibility, and grace through progressive lessons. Readiness to dance on pointe is determined by the student’s strength and physical development. Your instructor will advise parents when a ballet student has reached the maturity level to go on pointe.



Contemporary dance is not a specific dance technique, but a collection of methods developed from modern and post modern dance. Technique from all styles of dance including Jazz, Ballet, Modern and more can be combined to perform a Contemporary dance piece.


Hawaiian & Tahitian

Hula dancing is the traditional art of movement, smooth body gestures and vocals. Hula dancing has an incredibly smooth “flow” and the movements are extremely fluid. The dancers tell a story through their dance with movements that represent the elements of nature, such as trees blowing in the wind or fish swimming in the ocean.

The beauty, drama and power of today’s Tahitian dance testify to its resilience in Polynesian culture. In ancient times, dances were directly linked to all aspects of life. One would dance for joy, to welcome a visitor or to pray. The dance is accompanied by traditional music of thunder drums and conch shells.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes at Sterling Silver are pumped full and energy and teach the latest hip hop moves combined with a fresh, clean style. Although Hip Hop embraces an assortment of dance techniques, it is often characterized by various styles of break dancing and pop & lock movements.



Jazz classes emphasize the control and motion of the body with freedom of style and expression. Jazz classes consist of stretching, isolations, across the floor work and center combinations. Various styles of Jazz are incorporated into this class.



Lyrical dance is a unique art form that is the coming together of Jazz, Ballet and Modern. The lyrics of a song are the driving force for the inspiration of the movement. Choreography is often emotional, gripping, and delicate all at the same time. Lyrical dancers at Sterling Silver Studio will learn performance quality through expression and unique choreography. Lyrical classes are available for students ages 9 and over.


Special Needs Classes

Special Needs Classes at Sterling Silver Studio are 100% complimentary for participants and available for children and adults with disabilities. Our goal is to enhance their lives with dance, performing arts, music and movement. We provide the same types of opportunities that are offered to all students at Sterling Silver, such as performances, competitions and participation in special events.



Tap classes start at the beginner level and build tap technique with faster tempos as the dancer progresses. Our teachers follow the “Al Gilbert” tap method of teaching and training.


Technique & Level Classes

Sterling Silver Studio offers technique classes in both dance and twirling. Technique classes are non-performance based programs that offer students a greater awareness of their bodies and help to improve strength, flexibility and technique. These classes benefit Skaters, Gymnasts and Athletes as well as Students whose main area of study is dance or twirling.

Level classes teach students to progress by following a level system that is exclusively offered at our studio location. This system was developed by coaches and trainers to help students learn progressive technique and track their progress by “testing out” of various twirling and dance levels. These classes are highly recommended for students who strive to progress in dance and/or twirling.