Performing Arts Company



Class Descriptions


The Performing Arts Company (PAC) at Sterling Silver Studio is comprised of students who are interested in competitive opportunities and additional performance opportunities.

Read this article on our PAC teams’ successes at the national America’s Youth on Parade competition on the Superior Telegram‘s website.

Printable Audition Form & Audition Information: 2017-2018 PAC Team Audition Form


PAC Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the difference between PAC teams and recreational teams?

A:  Students who are involved in the Performing Arts Company attend local and regional dance and/or twirling competitions throughout the year and they have additional local performance opportunities.


Q:  What types of PAC teams are available?

A:  Sterling Silver offers PAC teams in Dance Twirl, Show Twirl, AcroDance, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical and Hip Hop.


Q:  How old do you have to be to join a PAC team?

A:  Sterling Silver has Performing Arts Company teams for ages 5 through adult.


Q:  Do you have to be “advanced” to join a PAC team?

A:  Students do need some experience in the style of Performing Arts Company team that they want to participate in.  Students do not necessarily need to be “advanced” in any one particular style, as we offer PAC teams for all levels.  It is our philosophy that dancers and twirlers will learn and develop their skills while on PAC teams.  As the student continues to perform and participate in classes, their experience, training and skills will also increasingly develop.  If students apply themselves, practice and have a love of their art; this will eventually bring them to an advanced level.


Q:  How do I know if my child is ready for the Performing Arts Company?

A:  If you child can’t wait to get to the studio each week, loves coming to class, is enthusiastic about practicing, enjoys performing and wants to “step it up a notch” then your child is ready for the performing arts company.


Q:  How does a student go about joining the PAC?

A:  Auditions for the PAC are held prior to September each year. Each student auditions for at least two PAC teams per season in order to properly progress as a performer.  PAC classes start in September and run through June or July of the following year, depending on the style of PAC team that you are on.


Q:  What should I do to help my child prepare for the next audition?

A:  Students should participate in Level Classes and Level Testing in the summer months in either dance or twirling.  Level Testing is required in order to track a child’s progression and in order to place them on a team with other students that are studying at the same level.  During the school year, students should participate in technique classes which will help build their skills.


Q:  What types of expenses are involved with PAC teams?

A:  Parents should budget for tuition, costumes, contest entry fees, workshops & audition/team fees.  These fees are outlined below.